Glad Bharat Foundation



What is the Glad Bharat Foundation?

The Glad Bharat Foundation is a non-government organization that works with an idea to develop fragile society into an effective civil society. Our teams are largely students and young working professionals.

What is a belief behind Glad Bharat Foundation?

We believe in learning, working, expanding, and growing in the process of sustainable development and working with a proactive attitude for a glad tomorrow.

How old is Glad Bharat Foundation?

Glad Bharat foundation was established in the year 2019.

What is the mission of Glad Bharat Foundation?

To empower underprivileged children, youth, and community through relevant education, healthcare, and various awareness-based program.

Which area does Glad Bharat Foundation works in?

Glad Bharat Foundation has been working in thematic areas of Environment protection, Water Conservation, education, youth employability and in every social current issue like COVID 19 relief work and unwanted disasters.

Where are you now ?

We have served millions of people across 5 cities and will expand to 28 till next year.

How can I contact Glad Bharat Foundation?

Drop us an email at and let’s talk.

Where do you have your main office?

Glad Bharat Foundation has its office in Gaya, Bihar.

Are you a registered body?


How was Glad Bharat Foundation formed? Who formed it and Why?

Glad Bharat Foundation was formed in 2019 by an Engineer Ahmad Abdullah Shahbazi with one of his Co-Founder Tarique Ahsan. With rise in globalization and growth of Population in the country there is an increase in BPL, illiteracy rate with poor education and health and polluted nature,Having these issues in mind that compels the founder to give it a go as government alone cannot do these things alone at one shot.We as an individual is equally responsible for the work and development.

What all can I give/contribute?

You can give more or less anything and everything you want as a poor soul demands as per seasons in the form of material assets or money. Click here for details.

I want to contribute my material but Glad Bharat Foundation doesn’t have an office in my city. How do I contribute?

Even if Glad Bharat Foundation doesn’t have an office in your city, you can directly call and can contribute via volunteers of GBF. Please note that we cannot pick up donations in person and that you will have to drop them at Gaya(Bihar). With material, Money matters. Monetary contributions are important to ensure the continuity of our work in rural India. Please do your bit and DONATE.

I want to contribute material to Glad Bharat Foundation. Can someone come and pick it up from my place?

Kindly note that we do not have a mechanism for picking up materials from individual households. To know more you can write to or mail at Or call us on 8228941517 or 9955823786.

How do I know what you do with my materials?

Our first request to anyone who wants to visit our processing centers to see how we work. You can visit our processing centers in Gaya,Bihar. Call up our offices on +91 8228941517 to fix a time to visit us.

Will you issue an acknowledgement of material I contribute?

Are you active in Delhi Slums?

Yes we provide material to many Delhi and NCR.

Can you give me the feedback regarding where about of my material?

Since we are dealing with vast quantities of material it is impossible for us to say where exactly each individuals material has gone. What we can tell you is where all did we send material in the last month or last 4-6 months.

How and where will you be utilizing the materials?

The material will be provided to people in the rural villages of India and poor people who lack basic necessities.

Why do You need monetary support?

The entire operation is a huge logistical exercise, where money is needed for expenses on transportation, storage, space, and material provided etc.

If I want to send money by Cheque/Draft, in whose name shall I make the cheque?

Click to see details for Cheque and Demand Drafts

What are the various initiatives that Glad Bharat Foundation is involved with?

With its primary focus on Environmental protection and Water Conservation works under holistic approach on following programmes,

What is the objective of setting Glad Bharat Foundation?

The objective is to enhance the dignity of the poor by raising their literacy and financial status by engaging them into various work through skill training.

What kind of training are being conducted or imparted by Glad Bharat Foundation?

Various skill development programs held for those people who are unemployed and was given in hand training during the pandemic for making every citizen reliable and independent.

How many training programs conducted by Glad Bharat Foundation in a year?

The organization conducts 3-4 programmes a year.

What will Glad Bharat Foundation do with my Donation?

As soon as the donation through cheque or online is reconciled by the bank, the amount is allotted to the specific programme, which it has been meant for. The utilization and results are managed, monitored and audited. The outcome is reflected in the annual report as well.

How much should I donate?

There is no specific amount that should be donated.

Is the website safe to make online payment?

Yes, the website is safe for any kind of transaction. Also any information exchange is kept safe and in no condition gets disclosed. So any transaction also is thoroughly secured.

Can one donate in kind(old books,clothes,Stationery)? Please check details.

Usually in-kind donation is accepted only when there is a need in any of the projects at a given point of time.

How can I collaborate with Glad Bharat Foundation?

Visit our site for more information. Check details, VolunteerInternshipInitiative Partner.

How to become a volunteer at Glad Bharat Foundation?

Volunteer Visit our site for more info.

Does Glad Bharat Foundation partner with other organizations to fulfill its mission?

Yes, check for more info Initiative Partner.

What are the different ways I can donate to Project Glad Bharat foundation?

Thanks for supporting our mission of providing aid to those around the world. The fastest and easiest way to donate to Glad Bharat Foundation is via our website, DONATE

To donate over the call, please dial (+91) 8228941517/9955823786

Does Glad Bharat Foundation accept gifts of stock or securities?


What is the aim and vision of Glad Bharat Foundation?

Glad Bharat Foundation strive to achieve strategic goals that make a world without poverty and Pain, dedicated to building a healthy living planet for future generations and to empower the marginalized sections of the society to access the information related to their rights and express their views in all matters affecting them.

Why should I choose to donate through Glad Bharat Foundation ?

We respect your decision to donate,and understand that you want your contribution to make an impact. Glad Bharat Foundation helps you with this by sending you feedback report on how your money has made a difference on every donation you made.