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Environment Protection

Environment Protection Including the Plantation and Saving Every Single Drop of Water

“An initiative for better future”

The extreme climate of Gaya district is of no surprise to the residents. The uplifted sections manage to deal with it with the kind of lifestyle they have whereas the underprivileged section strive to sustain through the extreme weather conditions present here. What takes the front seat along with extreme weather conditions is “NO RAIN”. The situation is in direst need to be paid attention to the sections of society as society and nature go hand in hand. The situation prevailing today is from the atrocities of people of the society.

The benefits of trees are not unknown to a major part of the society even the trees and plantations are destroyed to fulfil the need as well as the greed of people and for the trees cut there are no trees planted too. The repercussions are being faced today and will be even worse in the coming future. To maintain the balance of ecosystem planting and nurturing trees is very important. We must give back more than what we take from the nature. This isn’t an obligation but a social and moral responsibility of the responsible citizens.

"An initiative for Environment Protection"

It aims at building cadres of young people working towards environment conservation and sustainable development. Since these two are major issues and is a matter of serious concern, Glad Bharat Foundation has laid their Wings of Charity in the areas of Bihar district where plantation walk has been carried out in the barren land areas of college, school, park ,field, roadsides and try to reach as many areas as possible with an aim to plant and grow billion trees across India in the coming years. As we all know tree plantation bridge both the environment protection and the water availability, therefore various awareness program is being carried out under the “GREEN GLAD BHARAT PROGRAM” initiative.

“An initiative for Water conservation and clean drinking water”

Today, at many places having clean drinking water is a great challenge for a major section of population.
Our effort is to make easy access to clean drinking water for all.
Glad Bharat Foundation people of Gaya got demonstrative teaching to increase the water level, as lesson from past Chennai experience. Glad Bharat Foundation aims to promote underground water recharge unit and water harvesting unit to conserve surface runoff water for storage. It creates an awareness program and motivate people with a vision to implement water harvesting unit, as it is an important resource for every living beings. If this method is adopted by masses, water harvesting unit would do wonders. Our aim is to make people aware for installing a unit of water harvesting unit and ground water recharge unit for each house.

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