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Environment Protection Including the Plantation and Saving Every Single Drop of Water

“An initiative for better future”

The climate in Gaya presents a familiar challenge for its residents. While some manage with their lifestyle choices, others, especially the underprivileged, struggle to endure the harsh conditions. Moreover, the absence of rain exacerbates the situation, demanding urgent attention from all sections of society. Additionally, the interdependence between society and nature underscores the gravity of the current predicament, largely stemming from societal actions.

Despite the widely recognized benefits of trees, they are often sacrificed to satisfy both needs and greed. Unfortunately, for every tree felled, there’s often no replacement planted. Consequently, today, we’re witnessing the repercussions of this shortsighted approach, which are bound to worsen in the future. Maintaining ecosystem balance hinges on planting and nurturing trees. Therefore, it’s imperative that we give back more to nature than we take—a social and moral responsibility incumbent upon all responsible citizens.

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"An initiative for Environment Protection"

The Glad Bharat Foundation is committed to nurturing a cadre of young individuals passionate about environmental conservation and sustainable development. Recognizing the gravity of these issues, the Foundation launched its Wings of Charity program in Bihar district. Through this initiative, they conduct plantation walks in barren areas like colleges, schools, parks, fields, and roadsides, aiming to plant billions of trees across India in the coming years. Additionally, tree planting not only aids environmental protection but also boosts water availability. The Green Glad Bharat Program encompasses various awareness initiatives to address these critical aspects.

“An initiative for Water conservation and clean drinking water”

In many places today, access to clean drinking water is a significant challenge. Our goal is to ensure easy access for all. Following lessons from Chennai, Glad Bharat Foundation in Gaya provides demonstrative teaching to increase water levels. We promote underground water recharge and harvesting units through awareness programs, recognizing their importance for all living beings. If widely adopted, these units can make a significant difference. Our aim is to raise awareness and encourage installation in every household.

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