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Since the last year Glad Bharat Foundation work has been largely recognized for creating awareness and for developmental change.Ranging from education, Conservation, agriculture, water, livelihood, health and hygiene, and sustainability to environment. Spread across different geographies, Glad Bharat work puts empathy and dignity first and foremost. Our holistic view of rural development is rooted in not only fulfilling their basic needs but empowering them to be the decision makers.

Glad Bharat Foundation has been successful in organising various campaign,events programmes and camps for the change.

Be a part of this drastic change by your alliance with us.

As a corporate you can help us by lending your products and essential items in our organising  events campaign and camps.

If you really want to be a part of change with us, feel free to reach us at


Glad Bharat Foundation has been Working with different schools and institution through various campaigning  awareness programmes and has worked in making every citizen self reliant by nurturing specific skills in them. Glad Bharat foundation thinks young mind as a tool to do wonders in making a glad tomorrow. We recommend everyone to visit our site for more insight of the work done by us.

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As an institution you can collectively help us in  organising various camps and drives in your premises.with your help we can successfully explore internship for your students,organising  session at your institution can help tremendously in creating awareness on the serious issues that we take for granted.

Glad Bharat  believes children to be the foundation of change. Your active contribution can lead to reaching the next milestones in success world.


There has been many research made by Glad Bharat Foundation on rural development, Water conservation and plant protection.

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