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Different Campaigns during 2nd Wave of Corona

Glad Bharat Foundation during the second wave of COVID-19 lockdown, started a campaign “ANN DAAN” to feed the needy hungry people. This drive was supported by GOONJ and Shmt. Vibha Devi(M.L.A., Nawada).
During the drive transgender, daily wage earners, brick factory labours, rikshaw pullers, beggars community was delivered relief.
Shikchak apke Dwar is another campaign to ensure underprivileged children, their right to education.
Vaccination drive for mobilising the people in favour of covid vaccine was also carried on a massive scale at Nawada and Gaya of Bihar. All was to make the needy feel, that in this lockdown they are not alone.

Each One Help One To Feed

Various Campaign Runs by Glad Bharat Foundation to bring lasting change in people behaviours.
As covid-19 disrupted lifestyles and lives all around the world,Glad Bharat Foundation runs effiacious campaign that exhorted people to be the change.
One of those productive was “EACH ONE HELP 1 TO FEED TILL LOCKDOWN”,a campaign helps to reduce pain due to hunger during this pandemic and lockdown.The Glad Bharat Foundation motive behind this organizing campaign was the strong message to be followed with action on the ground which compels people to feed those in need and to save people from acute hunger.

Ghar Baithe Sahas Bharo Duniya Me

During the times of coronavirus lockdown,Glad Bharat Foundation additional campaign runs that sought to influence public behavior was Hindi Poem Competition entitled “Ghar Baithe Sahas Bharo Duniya Mein” which was again a pleasant movement organised by our team.The Purpose was to fills everyone with the positive and vibrant vibes,to celebrate the spirit of unity during hard times,giving priority to aesthetic and creativity. Above all it appealed everyone in view of the victim to avoid the circumstances of died migrants, to take care and feed more migrant workers around your homes and locality,to save their pathetic lives and to take care and stay home.

Ghar Baithe Sahas Bharo Duniya Me

Since this pandemic affecting us all and making us sick physically amd mentally,its important to be calm and honest.To keep children occupied during lockdown and to keep them safe,Glad Bharat Foundation organised another effective campaign.
The foundations held an online poster marking on the topic SAVE WORLD FROM CORONA Ghar baidhe rang bhare duniya mein during lockdown.
Through this campaign an important message were drawn by lil kids and children in order to be safier and healthier.

Ration Vitran

As the nation witnessed the deadly virus across the globe with subsequent national lockdown, Glad Bharat Foundation had undertaken an initiatives to provide food to the underprivileged who have been the most affected by ongoing financial crisis. Under the initiative,” Rashan Vitran” Er.Ahmad & Tarique Ahsan with his entire team member have come forward to provide food to many homeless and other people affected by Virus who could possibly not afford to feed their stomach. The objective to feed hunger was vehemently supported by Robinhood Army under this initiative. The drive helped across 1500 people in different parts of Paharhganj, Delhi and Loni, Ghaziabad, UP.

Kanya Kalyan Yojna

This program is started to stop child marriage of girls. In remote villages today many girl child are pushed in child marriage which directly effects the future of a child development. This not only deprived a girl child from her child rights, but also are pushed to face physical and mental harrasment. KKY is designed in such a manner that, it not only stops child marriage but also develops skill of computer and sewing in a girl till their age of marriage, i.e. 18 years min. Those who fails to even do arrangements of marriage of their daughter, Glad Bharat Foundation stands with them in their need by doing SAMUHIK VIVAH for them. This programs also connects their parents with a source of rural livelihood on BATAIYA SYSTEM, popular at villages.

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