Glad Bharat Foundation

Education & Literacy


“An Initiative for Education and Literacy”

Glad Bharat Foundation strives to ensure that even the most vulnerable children in shelters are able to realize their dreams and live it to the fullest and aims to transform a marginalized person into a self-reliant citizen. It focus on the holistic development of students and also make an impact on the school and community through their initiatives.

Glad Education Program works with a vision of happy, healthy, and creative children whose rights are protected and honored in a society built on respect for dignity, justice and equality.It strives to build an equal and socially conscious society.

Glad Education Program is ensuring children receive education and at the same time building dynamic young leaders. Here is how it helps to drive the revolution in education.

Glad Education Program is for everyone who is deprived of education or who has the ability to go high in life through education but can’t due to lack of proper guidance. This program improves literacy and develops Science, Computers,Arts and life skills in coming generation.
Education is important and is expected to socially uplift the poor,transform society and turn the country into an economic powerhouse. But in countries like our where intergenerational social and economic inequalities are entrenched, education on its own changes very little. The GLAD EDUCATION PROGRAM is working to overcome this inequality by helping the underprivileged children access quality education. This NGO works on the children who cannot go to the schools ,miss out the opportunities of developing their skills just because of lack of money inspite of having the talent and capabilities.So GLAD BHARAT FOUNDATION has come up with its two programme under the initiative GLAD EDUCATION PROGRAM
  • GLAD BHARAT PAATHSHALA, to give the basic alphabetical knowledge to make people literate. Also to motivate the child to go to school who are still far from education and their development.
  • GLAD BHARAT COACHING SEWA for the aspirant of UPSC , BPSC & other competitive exams, especially for those aspirant who can’t prepare just because they can’t bear the  financial burden  due to  high fees and accommodation.

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