Glad Bharat Foundation

Education & Literacy


“An Initiative for Education and Literacy”

Empowering Through Education: Glad Bharat Foundation’s Mission

Glad Bharat Foundation is committed to transforming the lives of vulnerable children. By ensuring they can realize their dreams and become self-reliant citizens, we aim to make a lasting impact. Moreover, our holistic approach focuses on nurturing students’ development and fostering positive change within schools and communities.

Creating Opportunities: The Glad Education Program

Within the Glad Education Program, we envision a society where every child, regardless of background, has access to quality education. Furthermore, we strive to create happy, healthy, and creative children whose rights are respected in a society founded on dignity, justice, and equality.

Breaking Barriers: Inclusive Education Initiatives

Our program is inclusive, reaching those deprived of education or lacking proper guidance for success. Additionally, we promote literacy and develop skills in science, computers, arts, and life, aiming to uplift society economically and socially.

Addressing Inequality: The Glad Education Program’s Impact

With intergenerational inequalities deeply rooted in our society, education alone may not suffice for significant change. However, through the Glad Education Program, we aim to address these inequalities by providing quality education to underprivileged children who lack access due to financial constraints.

Supporting Aspirations: Glad Bharat’s Initiatives

Our initiatives include Glad Bharat Paathshala, which imparts basic literacy skills and motivates children to attend school. Moreover, Glad Bharat Coaching Sewa caters to aspiring candidates for competitive exams like UPSC and BPSC, especially those hindered by financial limitations.

Join the Movement: Support Our Cause

Join us in our mission to transform lives and build a brighter future through education. Furthermore, discover more about our programs and how you can support our cause today.

Initiatives for Change: Glad Bharat’s Educational Programs

GLAD BHARAT PAATHSHALA aims to provide basic literacy skills to individuals, motivating those who are still far from education and personal development. On the other hand, GLAD BHARAT COACHING SEWA supports aspirants of UPSC, BPSC, and other competitive exams, particularly those burdened by financial constraints, unable to bear high fees and accommodation costs.

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