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About Volunteer Members

Bringing a sustainable change is definitely not an overnight job. It needs a lot of perseverance and dedication on part of volunteers.
A volunteerism is about helping someone without expectation of financial reward.It is about dedicating oneself to a certain cause without expectation of payment.
“Volunteer are not paid, because they are precious and their dedication for the social development just can’t be measured in terms of money”
Glad Bharat Foundation believes the true essence of life is in giving more. A long journey of thousand miles begins with the first step. To volunteer is one of those steps to bring in a positive change. Presently, Glad Bharat has more than 100 active members and volunteers, carrying out awareness events across these states-Bihar, MP, UP and Delhi. The Volunteers has denoted their tremendous energy time and multifaceted strategy for social, emotional and intellectual growth of the country.
Glad Bharat Foundation with his volunteer’s support has done multiple campaign-a successful environmental awareness campaign, a water conservation campaign, a Glad Green Bharat campaign, a Healthcare campaign along with skill Development programmes and events organized at various cities like Gaya and Indrapuram. It struggles with easy access to cleaning water with an aim to promote water harvesting units in those left affected areas for conserving runoff water for storage through various awareness programmes. Such campaigns are beautifully knitted while encouraging the traditions of giving.
If you are passionate about making the vibrant change and in making India a glad tomorrow, get involved in this work with us at
Massive Sapling Planting Programme

Glad Bharat Foundation drives are carried out regularly in the area’s like Gaya ,where public choosing sapling were distributed free of cost urging everyone the need for an eco-friendly environment in the young minds.

Protect Your Environment

Glad Bharat Foundation initiative engages with the rural kids and adults through various programme on environment protection and water conservation,as the two important issues which need a serious concern for tomorrow.It drives the campaign on save plant save water save earth emphasizing the issues that are far reaching and enduring.It created and motivated people to implement rain water harvesting unit to avoid water short experience in future.

Glad Bharat Foundation faces constant challenge reaching those affected areas where there is a scarcity of water supplies.Be a part of this chain in finding those far reaching areas where we can look and process as a key to success.

Glad Bharat Paathshaala

Glad Bharat Paathshaala enables a volunteer to understand the needs of children and adults who are coming to paathshaala. Paathshaala aims at turning unprivilaged children towards schools, and adults towards literacy. Anyone who have the eagerness to serve the society can take part in our volunteer program and can go to Glad Bharat Paathshaala and give their contribution for decreasing illiteracy by teaching them.

Medical Health checkup Camps

Glad Bharat Foundation has held several campaign on health issues for those underprivileged section of the society who lack education to be aware of healthcare and who out of risking a day’s wages don’t approach hospitals for checkups.Glad Bharat Foundation approached those people as source to tackle their problem by access to the needy ones through various camps like-Dental health checkUp programme,General health checkUp programme, diabetes health check-Up programme and other.

Pandemic Relief Work

Glad Bharat Foundation laid holistic wings in serving the nation. It work and responds in humanitarianism emergencies as well. Various Campaign Runs by Glad Bharat Foundation to bring lasting change in people behaviour during any pandemic, Glad Bharat Foundation runs effiacious campaign that exhorted people to be the change.

Note : You can also volunteer us as a social media promoter, fund raiser, graphic designer, content creator e.t.c.


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The Glad Bharat Foundation, with his volunteer’s support, has successfully organized various campaign motivating every youth giving a strong message to be followed with action on every ground.
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