Glad Bharat Foundation

About Glad Bharat Foundation


Glad Bharat Foundation, Non-Government Organization founded on 5th August, 2019.
Work Today for a Glad Tomorrow is a motto for our team. An organization through which we want to give back lost dreams and hope for better tomorrow to everyone. Life hasn’t been easy for anyone at any point in time. However for few it has been even worst with lack of available resources. We started as few hands in 2019 eagerly looking forward to helping as many people as we can reach to make a change in their lives.
Glad Bharat Foundation which is doing a charitable work for different strata of society. The organization working every waking hour towards authentic development and contribute largely to sustainable development which is a need of an hour for all.

About Glad Bharat Foundation

Glad Bharat Foundation is a non-profit dynamic flexible organization working in the field of Environment protection, water conservation, education, skill development training for livelihood, and health. The sole purpose is to make the world glad by Glad Bharat Foundation’s effort. Some of the soul-touching projects include
  • To established green Society of India to be a healthy world
  • Plantation of maximum trees for environment protection to make a pollution free earth,
  • To educate people
  • To make people stand on their own through various skill development training,
  • To create environmental awareness among the people by organising various events and programs,
  • To help and assist needy during emergency like covid-19,
  • To provide employment on permanent basis to unemployed people of the country,
  • To improve the health of the needy individuals,specially the childs and women of our communities and society.
Glad Bharat Foundation makes an effortful contribution in a diverse field and plays a significant role in the developing process, but obviously, we need helping hands. Glad Bharat Foundation hires youth to bridge the gap between education and employability. To make every citizen self-reliant by nurturing specific skills in them. To make Revolutionary changes Glad Bharat Foundation works day in day out knocking on every door in the Gaya district of Bihar, and Ghaziabad and will target many more cities in the coming future with your support.

Our Mission

Intensive grass root level interventions to protect the lives of both man and nature. An extensive campaign and solidarity activities to protect and promote the society where women, children, downtrodden and nature feel that they belong to society they live in .To empower the marginalized sections of the society to access the information related to their rights and express their views in all matter affecting them. To break the vicious cycle of poverty in India. To create awareness among the people for the prevention of environment, water conservation and health problems through training program me and camps. To encourage every citizen of India to utilize the locally available resources for their development and that of the community. To enable the economic development of the people by imparting vocational and self-employment training to them and encouraged to be independent. The organization has given much attention to the Rain Water Harvesting project running into rural areas keeping in view of the present climate change. Encouraged people to get water harvesting done in their houses or localities, to improve the quality of ground water, to raise the water levels in wells that are drying up and saving of energy to lift groundwater. Students and youngs were also involved in plantation movement in school as well as their respective localities in order to make India a green India. Keeping in view the importance of education as a key to the prevention of child labour,child trafficking and all manifestation of violations of child right, Glad Bharat Foundation running 2 pathshala in Gaya district and will expand up to 50 pathshala till May in Nawada and Gaya district of BIHAR.

Our Vision

Our vision is a just world without poverty, pollution, illiteracy, unemployment, and pain, dedicated to building a healthy living planet for the future generation. Glad Bharat Foundation working with an idea to develop a fragile society into an effective civil society. Our steps are to enhance the dignity of the poor by raising their literacy and financial status by engaging them in various activities through skill training development programs, and utilizing local resources as an employment tool. Education is the only way to achieve the goal.

Our Partners