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Donate Waste Discover Best (DWDB)



How DWDB is Triggering Social Development

Donate Waste, Discover Best (DWDB), is a waste paper/newspaper, used copies, old books, old clothes and other reusable waste collection campaign.

Used papers, newspapers, mild used clothes which occupy the corner of your house and you want to get rid of it, you don’t have any option other than selling it to scrap dealer “Raddi Wala”.
Glad Bharat Foundation team got an idea about utilizing your waste in a collective way as an important development tool. For this, we started DWDB campaign and created an option to clear the corner by donating it to Glad Bharat Foundation.

Your waste is very precious and important to us. Your waste is the source of
1. Livelihood of many underserved women,
2. Source of education and health for many underserved children and communities.
3. Source of environment protection activities.

In doing so, our effort is to make the privileged section an important part of the development of the underprivileged section. 
Your donation in the form of newspaper is a prime source of livelihood for women engaged in making thongas/paper bags. Papers and newspapers are also utilised by women for taking cutting training of clothes on paper at stiching/sewing centre. Books are distributed among the children of Glad Bharat Paathshaala. Clothes are distributed among the most needy ones. Only 10% of the used papers,copies and newspaper are utilised in making thongas/paperbag and clothes cutting training. 90% of the donated papers are exchanged at recycling units and the funds are utilized in the education of children at Glad Bharat Paathshaala, health checkup camps, environment protection activities like plantation and awareness on water conservation, and for generating livelihood of underprivileged section by engaging them in farming activities like chicks, mushroom and dairy farming.
Donate your waste to us and be a part of “DWDB Team Five Thousand” by taking a step in a collective way to trigger a common goal of social development.

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