“An initiative for Skill Development Training for livelihood”

Skills and knowledge are the driving forces of economy for social development.

The main objective of this project is to make every citizen self-reliant by nurturing specific skills in them. Glad Bharat Foundation have plethora of volunteers who worked and helped those workers who lost their jobs during this COVID-19 pandemic and were unemployed. To have a better job and earning, workers were given special training in Mask production and engaged people in mask production by Glad Bharat Foundation skills training programme name “MAI BHI SAMARTH HU”.

Further, Glad Bharat Foundation running projects are carried out in finding those areas where local resources can be utilized for production and can be used in specific locality.

Our priority is for the upgradation of farmers lifestyle through various skills in fishery, dairy farming , goat farming and agriculture along with developing a market place for their farmed products in their locality at good price.

Also, Glad Bharat Foundation is trying to make an individual efficient in generating an employment by training through various skill trainings held for a different job work like-electrician, mobile repairing etc.


Under initiative “MAI BHI SAMARTH HU” 96 people who faced sudden unemployment during lockdown in march 2019 were engaged in mask , faceshield and PPE manufacturing activity. They were engaged after giving skill training of 5 days. 

With this they earned their Roti with pride and we got mask , face shield and ppe for distribution during the lockdown.
With the help of this team we managed to distribute 22000+ hand made and N95 masks, 500+ ppe , 3000+ faceshield among policemen, sanitation workers, bank and society guards.


Our aim is to empower women through skill training for livelihood program under initiative “Mai Bhi Samarth Hu”.

Under the guidance of trained and skilled team we are struggling to connect rural women in mushroom cultivation activity.
With this Glad Bharat Foundation is aiming to stop 70% labour migration,especially women labour in coming 3 years of the panchayat where this program is implemented.