So you want to save the planet??????? You’re young and you’ve got a brain .Added to this, you’ve got a passion for the planet.

All you need is an opportunity.

If you are really interested in making the change you want to see, then you are at the right place.

Just discussion won’t bear the fruits unless you put your feet down to work yourself for a noble cause.If you ever felt like contributing towards making life better.

“Lets Come and Work Together For Social Cause”

This is your chance Grab it

It would be an ample opportunity,new ideas to put them into action and  would be a great learning experience working at Glad Bharat Foundation internship.

A group of volunteers can make a difference because more volunteers can provide more awareness. Glad Bharat foundation is running an internship programme for a select number of young people in such places as Bihar,U.P,M.P and Delhi. To take part,you have to jump through 2 phase, But if you get selected….. If you got what it takes….You are going to be in for the experience of a lifetime.


What you have already got….

A commitment to conservation and ability to adapt to changing situations.

An ability to work in cross-cultural situation.

An ability to take direction from supervisors

A capacity for ongoing learning

A keen interest to work with local communities.

What you’ll work on

Environment Protection

Water conservation

-Holistic conservation programme in diverse fields



Livelihood Programme


What you will learn

Gain an insight and awareness of conservation

Increase your crosa-cultural understanding

Significantly improve your communication skills.

Enhance your team work skills

Evolve your self reliance skills

Improve your innate adaptability


But before that, take a look at selection process. Selection process in two phase. Upload your Resume on

Duration- 30 days,60 days, 90 days

Stipend- We don’t pay stipend

* In some cases where we prefer, we mention about the stipend

Refer and Share | Internship will start by the end of this month | Date will be announced shortly

Perks of being an Intern at Glad Bharat Foundation:
*Get fieldwork experience.

*Develop personal and professional skills.
*Develop leadership skills.
*Opportunity to work on live projects.
*Streamlined work culture to maintain professionalism.
*Incentives will be paid to everyone who who will complete their internship.
*Internship certificate to all inter

Join the Internship Program by filling the internship form.