Glad Bharat Foundation is carrying out an impact oriented projects for society upliftment, under Glad Education Program & Skill Training For Livelihood Program

“Glad Education Program”

Glad Bharat Paathshaala is an impact oriented initiative, which is focusing for society upliftment by increasing literacy rate. This initiative is to turn underprivileged children for going to school and for making adult able to read and write, thus contributing in increase in literacy level.

“Mai Bhi Samarth Hu”

Mai Bhi Samarth Hu” is an initiative under skill training for livelihood program. Mushroom Project is introduced for bringing a change in life of rural communities by engaging them in mushroom cultivation.  Our target is to stop 70% labour migration by creating livelihood opportunities.

“Glad Education Program”

Back To School is a project which is to connect every child with modern techniques of education. For bringing more impact this program is divided into 2 catagories, i.e. In school & After school segements. Various skill enhancing courses are also added.




Our Story

Glad Bharat Paathshaala’s idea came in our mind by seeing the condition of education system worstly effected due to pandemic lockdown. Data reflects that still 40% underprivileged children didn’t go to school.  We realised that this lockdown has driven away the interest of many underprivileged children for going to schools. Also this has effected the health of many underprivileged children due to a pause in mid-day meals during the lockdown.

Mushroom Project is started by seeing a huge labour migration. Mushroom Project is started to empower rural people , especially women labours who faces harrasment at brick factory, construction sites etc, by giving them a good source of livelihood at their own home. This program is started with an idea to make everybody self dependent, self employed.  If we want to bring a change tomorrow, then we have to empower rural community financially and socially.