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SKILL at SCHOOL is aiming to connect every child with basic computer education.

Children from class 6 to 12 are enrolled in this program at under-resourced schools.

Youth leaders comes with a one year commitment for teaching

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Right to Education must be accessible to all. The changing wind of the society along with the technological changes has now widened the ambit of education.  Basic education now not only includes bookish knowledge but also requires inculcation of technical skills. Glad Bharat Foundation has taken an initiative called as “SKILL  at  SCHOOL” which aims to connect every child with basic computer skill. This work is in collaboration with both government and private schools. It mainly started off with two schools located in Gaya, Bihar. The volunteer enrolled in this program has to have requisite knowledge in the field of computer and technology. The volunteer must be committed to the work, imparting computer education at each school for a year. This session of computer education includes two classes per week of the course which have both theoretical and practical concepts included in them. Initially the theory part is dealt with which is subsequently followed by the practical part on the learnt concepts. This makes the concepts crystal clear and embedded in the mind of children for further course.Theoretical concepts when followed by practical applications enhance the creativity and learnt skills of children. Computer skills when learnt make children even more confident in handling computer operations with efficiency. This instils zeal and enthusiasm in children. Dealing with computer skills includes teaching learning process of applications like that of MS-Office, designing, online form filling, ticket bookings etc. This one year program is designed in such a way that it develops leadership skills in students who then can become self-reliant. The sustainability of the program is such that of the students enrolled, 30 students are redirected to impart computer education to other children of their school. This makes the process sustainable in the long run, thereby making the process self-dependent. This process when implemented in full swing and in the long run will develop a symbiotic relationship and make the process go in even in the absence of Computer teacher. The vision is to make children tech savvy in order to be able to carry out basic operations of  their need in tech dependent world.

When we check the background of the children studying at under-resourced schools, they have a single bread earner in their family. They somehow complete 10th or 12th and after that, they have to share the family burden of earning bread by discontinuing their higher education.
Initiative Skill at School, will make them self reliant, on continuing their higher education by developing a part time self-employment with an investment of a computer and printer.