Know GBF
  • Glad Bharat Foundation is a non-profit dynamic flexible organisation working in the field of Environment protection,  water conservation, education, skill development training for livelihood, and health.The sole purpose is to make the world glad by Glad Bharat Foundation’s effort.  Some of the soul touching projects include 
  • To established green Society of India to be a healthy world
  • Plantation of maximum trees for environment protection to make a pollution free earth,
  • To educate people
  • To make people stand on their own through various skill development training,
  • To create environmental awareness among the people by organising various events and programs,
  • To help and assist needy during emergency like covid-19,
  • To provide employment on permanent basis to unemployed people of the country,
  • To improve the health of the needy individuals,specially the childs and women of our communities and society.
  • Glad Bharat Foundation makes an effortful contribution in a diverse field and plays a significant role in the developing process, but obviously we need helping hands. Glad Bharat Foundation hires youth to bridge a gap between  education and  employability. To make every citizen self-reliant by  nurturing specific skills in them.To make a Revolutionary changes Glad Bharat Foundation works day in day out knocking every door in Gaya district of  Bihar, and in Ghaziabad and will target many more cities in the coming future by your support.
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“Work Today For A Glad Tomorrow”