Governing Body



Child’s education , environment protection, water conservation, health are the major issues, this world is going through. I as an educationist, understands the issue taken over by GLAD BHARAT FOUNDATION, with a motive to benefit the society.”

“Education is the key to unlock society’s and nation’s development. A beautiful drawing of our world can’t be drawn without a good health, education, environment and water. GLAD BHARAT FOUNDATION is the architect of tomorrow’s development.”

“My aim is to cultivate the importance of environment and water conservation in every child through education, so that when they grow up, they may give importance to water harvesting unit and trees, prior to their bedroom and kitchen. Besides, our effort for environment protection and water conservation, we work for the betterment of child’s education, health and skill development to improve the living of the neglected section of our society.”

“We led the foundation of GLAD BHARAT FOUNDATION with a vision to provide healthy environment and easy access to clean drinking water, to all. Education to every child is the only means to achieve our goal. Health is another major issue on which we are working. I believe to connect people with livelihood to improve the living condition of neglected section of our society so that, they can look after their child in a better way.”

“Account counts the development. For us development means a society where everyone lives a glad life.”

“An avid reader and a humanitarian who’s on her way to find her purpose in life. A keen observer yet you’ll find millions of things going on in her mind who strongly support the cause of change for better. I am trying to make learning easy for underprivileged children of our society on the platform of GLAD BHARAT PAATHSHAALA using linguistic. This will rise the eagerness of being educated in those who are still far from this.”

“Being an educator, I believe that every child has a basic right of education. With upgradation in education policies and education techniques, time has come to equip every child with modern education.”

Also serve as a deputy treasurer of Glad Bharat Foundation.

After quiting banking sector, I came forward with a vision to equip education with technologies. Technology simplifies the learning process. In my opinion financial limitation should not effect anyone from getting modern education.