bubye cold waves


“A Meaningful Gift For The Season”

As the winter cold wave turns harsh with each passing day, it is extremely difficult for the poor children and elderly to survive.

Glad Bharat Foundation’s founder, Er. Ahmad Abdullah Shahbazi with his entire team has extended warmth among less privileged people of the society by carrying on “Blanket Distribution Drive”.

The objective of the initiatives was to provide shield to the less privileged living in slum areas, who could not possibility afford. Nearly, 500-600 blankets have been distributed to the poor and needy, in the chilly month of December. From the last 4 week the drive is carried in different parts of Gaya,Bihar including Bodhagaya, Marufganj,Golbigah, Anugrah Medical College and Hosipital.

The purpose of distributing blankets to the needy spreads the meaningful message of Sympathy, Love and Sacrifices to the society.


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